No We Wait

Went to the doctor on Wednesday to review all of my test results and treatment options. The doctor had narrowed it down to the best three, from the eighteen that are available, for how he wanted to attack and manage my MS; turns out I am only eligible for two of those due to my genetics results showing ii would not be able to metabolize the pill correctly. We are now down to two infusion options: Ocrevus or Tysabri, both have their positives and negatives. After talking it out with the doctor and my husband we have settled on Tysabri, while this is monthly infusions the doctor believed that this was the better of the two for me. This is where the waiting begins, now we wait for insurance which they said on a good end they give the approval within 5 days, and they have said it can take up to 14 days normally; once that happens the infusion center will contact me and we will get the ball rolling. Until then business as usual!

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